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Suave Citation

Header Gif by Edouard Urcadez

When I remember how much I like the Ramones, I listen to the Ramones a bunch for about a week. This tape from The Matildas reminded me that I like the Ramones, but it didn’t make me listen to the Ramones a bunch. The Denver punks tape Vivian Pickles was enough.

It’s a throw back to simple pop punk. One half of the tape is regular recorded material and the other side is demos. I wish I didn’t have to say that I liked the demos more, but I do. They’re raw and have more of a personality than the fully recorded side. Although, “Luv is Dumb” and “Il Matto” are both sweet on side A, I love the drum machine and distorted vocals on the demos. I think it would have been way cool to see a fully flushed out version of what the band sounds like on the demos. Anyways, side A reminded me of Tacocat and side (B) F reminded me of Japanther.

Overall, it’s a cool tape. It had me bopping around. If you’re into it I suggest checking out Robin’s old band Lust-Cats of the Gutters who had a tape put out on Burger.

-Patrick S.

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